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My name is Thuany and I have been passionate about make up, cosmetics and inner beauty since a very young age. During their my year of university I decided to take a leap of faith and start my own company during the coronavirus pandemic. I believe in the power of your inner beauty and that products do not need to be something that makes you hide who you are but instead allows you to SHOW YOUR GLOW and allows you to express yourself and show what makes you unique. 



Brilho meaning 'Shine, Glow' in my  native language Portuguese. I decided to call the company Brilho because everyone can glow and everyone goes through a glow up during their lives. 'SHOW YOUR GLOW' means everyone has their own unique thing that makes them glow and this should be shown off to the world and with the help of Brilho Beauty products they can do just that.

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Our mission is to provide products that allows you to express yourself and show your glow! I believe that everyone has an inner beauty that needs to be showed off for everyone to see! These products are to help you feel beautiful just the way you are and not pretend to be someone else but SHOW THEM YOUR UNIQUE GLOW. 


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